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Mandated Reporters


You are a mandated reporter if you are one of the following:

  • Health Practitioner
  • Educator
  • Human Service Worker
  • Police Officer

Reporting does NOT require PROOF that child abuse or neglect has occurred. Incidents are to be reported as soon as they are suspected. Waiting for proof may involve grave risk to the child and impede services to the family. Witnesses to child abuse and neglect are rare. Professional judgment and knowledge should be used to evaluate any suspicion.

Please note that effective October 1, 2016, if a local department has reason to believe that a mandated reporter knowingly failed to make a report of suspected abuse or neglect of a child, the local department must file a complaint with the appropriate licensing board or employer of the mandated reporter. Anyone making a “good faith” report is immune from civil liability and criminal penalty.

For more information about mandated reporting, please visit dhr.state.md.us or reportabusemd.com.